The Red Door

We had a fabulous Charity Day. We painted three common rooms at the Red Door, which is a housing facility for women and their children who require shelter including those in abusive situations. The children at the shelter were very excited and very inquisitive. Their most frequently asked question was "when will you be done so we can watch TV?" A couple of older children helped for a while but became more of a hinderance than help. I think next time we will open it up to see if some of the women want to help; some of them from other countries have no idea how to paint because "only the men do it back home."

I have attached pictures of our fabulous group.

Seated: Colleen Ralph (daughter of Kelly), Gloria Cravero, Michele Clarkson, Ana Taran

Middle: Suzanne Ethier, Bonnie Dell, Brenda Bain, Judie Palmer (daughter of Susan), Michelle Martin

Back: Susan Potter, Darren Brand, Kelly Ralph

Missing: Wendy Whitehead

We are having a step two day recovering sofa cushions and adding blinds, so when it is all done we will take our after pictures.

I have copied below an email I received from the Red Door.

"Hello Kelly:

We are absolutely impressed with what you folks did on Saturday!! Thank you so much!! I can see the difference in the aura of the rooms without those OPPRESSIVE Colors. We can't wait to see how the rest of the project shapes up. Please keep me posted with your next expected time for being on site.


- Kelly Ralph